Appliance Repair Options and Simple Fixes for Washing Machines

The washing machine is one of the most important household appliances. You can attest to this if you’ve ever had to drag heaping hampers of laundry through the street to the laundromat or down flights of stairs. When the washing machine breaks, it can be a real inconvenience. A washing machine problem doesn’t have to last long, though- plenty of do-it-yourself fixes and professional appliance repair options are available.

Common Washing Machine Repairs

In some cases, your washing machine can be fixed at home by you. Before you try any self fixes, always take the proper safety precautions and consult your user manual for advice. Machines should be turned off and unplugged/cut from power before any washing machine repair attempt is made. If you feel uncomfortable with repairs or find yourself unable to complete the task, contacting a professional company that offers washer repair service can prevent further damage to your household appliance.

Some washing machine repair issues are quite common, and these are often easily solved with some troubleshooting or easy-to-replace parts. This troubleshooting guide, along with your user’s manual, can help you determine whether you can solve the problem yourself or need to call a professional household appliance repair company.

Issue: Washing machine won’t spin.

Solutions: Machines with unbalanced loads or ones that are overloaded will not spin. Attempt to reduce or redistribute the load to see if this is the problem. If this is not the issue and the machine is draining properly, there may be a faulty belt or other part involved. Consult the manual regarding replacement parts or call a professional for service advice.

Issue: Washing machine won’t drain.

Solutions: Check the washing machine drain pump. Usually located near the bottom, this part contains a filter and other parts which help the machine drain. Unclog by removing any foreign material and check other components for wear. If you notice a worn part, consult your manual to identify and possibly replace it on your own. If you are unable to replace the part yourself, a professional appliance repair company can often correct this small problem easily.

Issue: Noisy/bouncy washing machine

Solutions: Check if an object is stuck in the drum and remove anything that doesn’t belong. Turn the drum by hand and inspect for noise. If there is noise during this action or something isn’t stuck, it’s likely that a minor part of the machine has worn out. Identify and replace the part if possible, or call for service. For bouncy machines, redistributing/reducing loads or better securing the machine to the ground will solve this common issue.

Issue: Error code displayed by the appliance

Solutions: If your washing machine has an LED that is displaying a code, this is often a sign that professional service is required. Check any user literature for code translations and follow their recommendations. If you are missing this information or can’t perform the action, professionals are able to use these codes to easily identify problems and fix washing machines.

Professional Washing Machine Repair Service by Airflow

Sometimes, it’s best to leave difficult home appliance repair work to the professionals. Professional washing machine repair can prevent further damage and the need for more expensive appliance repair or replacement. It’s also important to choose the right company- one that cares about customer service and servicing your appliances correctly.

Airflow Appliance Repair has the tools and experience to conduct household appliance repair and fix washing machines. Most makes and models can be serviced by Airflow, and repairs are often able to be completed in one visit thanks to professional, experienced technicians who arrive ready to work and with all needed supplies. If you need a local professional washing machine repair completed, Airflow is your choice for same-day service delivered with a smile and low price tag! Call Airflow today for an evaluation of your home appliance repair situation and professional solutions.

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