Hybrid Electric Water Heaters: Pros and Cons of Switching to One

If you are thinking of buying a water heater for the first time or replace your existing one because it needs costly and excessive heater repair, then the hybrid electric water heater should be included in your list of options. You will never regret switching to this type of heater because of its effectiveness in water heating. A hybrid electric water heater actually works by using installed air source heat pump and traditional electric elements as a means of heating water. It efficiently saves energy with the help of the air source heat pump. What makes this type of heater even more impressive is its ability to provide enough cooling and dehumidification during the summer season.

If you intend to purchase a hybrid water heater, then there is a great chance that you would like to know exactly how it works in providing the best water heating. It should be noted that the technology which is primarily used in using this type of water heater varies from one model to another. One of the most popular models available in the market at present is the Eternal Hybrid which utilizes multiple water and heat passes as a means of warming up water in a more efficient manner. This machine comes with 44 pipes where the water flows around to heat them quickly. It is also essential for you to note that regardless of the model that you have chosen, the hybrid heater comes with a reservoir which is primarily used to hold water all the time. This will prevent you from dealing with the risk of running out of hot water.


It should also be noted that General Electric has introduced a kind of hybrid electric water last 2009 which utilizes hybrid technology when it comes to quickly absorbing heat from the air and transferring this into the water. Another reliable company has also established a heater last 2011 which works by amalgamating a number of useful technologies including super capacitors, fuel cells and batteries to produce more heat. Considering the many innovations made for water heaters at present, you have greater chances of finding one which works ideally for you.

One of the most remarkable benefits of a hybrid water heater is its guaranteed energy efficiency. Bear in mind that there are a few types and models of this machine that are energy-inefficient due to unregulated energy consumption. This will never be the case for hybrid water heater. It is capable of saving a substantial amount of energy which is a huge help in significantly reducing energy bills. Most of the models of this type of water heater can also be easily installed. It is because most of them can perfectly suit the standard designs for tanks used in a majority of homes. The ease involved in installing this machine also guarantees a hassle-free water heater service and low-cost maintenance.

Note, however, that just like other devices, the hybrid water heater also has a few minor drawbacks. One of these is that this device is wider and taller when compared to the traditional type so it is possible that you will be required to perform plumbing changes after deciding to install it. Despite this minor drawback, you will still enjoy the fact that you will be spending less on heater repair in the future, enjoy a device which works efficiently in quickly heating water and enjoy huge savings on energy.

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