5 ways to get the most out of your Dishwasher in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is home to almost 4 million people, and that means a LOT of dirty dishes. Automatic dishwashers are one of the most common appliances in the city, and if they are used correctly and properly cared for there will be less need for dishwasher repair services. With that in mind, here are some great Tips for getting then most out of your dishwasher.

If all of the 1,413,995 housing units in Los Angeles ran their dishwashers with a full load they would save literally millions of gallons of water a day. The fact is, it takes just as much water to run a half-empty dishwasher as it does to run a full one, and it will help the life of your dishwasher too so you won’t need to call a Los Angeles dishwasher repair service as often.

Speaking of appliance repair in Los Angeles, loading a dishwasher the wrong way can cause problems that may cause dirty or broken dishes. If you load the dishes incorrectly you can block the spray nozzles and they won’t spin, or the dishes may rattle around during the wash cycle and break. Small pieces of broken glass will have you calling the dishwasher repair service people, so be extra careful when loading.

Pre-rinsing dishes may be necessary in some cases, especially if there is a lot of dried on goop or heavy food glop that is left to harden on them. Too much food can also cause the drains to get clogged, and in a city like Los Angeles where the water runs into the San Pedro Bay you don’t want a clogged dishwasher. Repairs can get costly if the drain gets really clogged. Pre-rinse dishes if they need it and your dishwasher will thank you.

Washing your dishwasher may sound counterproductive but is actually a good idea and recommended by Airflow, one of the top appliance repair companies in LA. Cleaning it is like cleaning any other appliance. Service it using a good rag and some warm, soapy water to get any grease residue that might have built up over time.  If your dishwasher is running well you’ll have more time to enjoy the amenities that Los Angeles has to offer, like Grauman’s Chinese Theatre and the LA Music Center.

Lastly, if your dishwasher is still under warranty a yearly service call to your local dishwasher repair service is allowed. This is a great way to maintain your prized appliance. Service it regularly and it will give you a lifetime of clean dishes.

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